Community Based Day Support Services

Community Based Day Support Services are designed to serve the needs of persons with a
developmental and / or physical disability. Referrals can be made directly to the Director of Operations
or the Executive Director. All referrals will be considered and if appropriate, intake will proceed.
Community Based Day Support Services are based on consideration of client need and interest and
available resources.
As a responsive service, Resicare will make adjustments to accommodate a client’s changing needs and
interests. However, the Agency recognizes that a client’s needs will evolve and the Agency may no
longer be able to provide service or the client may choose other alternatives.


Community Based Day Support Services offer an array of options which include, but are not limited to

Planning with clients regarding day-time placements

Providing support for access to these placements and activities, which may
involve: volunteer placements, recreational activities, educational pursuits and /
or paid employment

Coordinating individualized planning, follow-up and review

Writing of funding proposals and reviews

Transitional support

Career counseling

Liaison with community services

Assisting with medical, financial, transportation and other needs and completion
of documentation requirements in conjunction with Resicare’s Residential and
Outreach Services and / or others